SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2011
and Presentation Design 2011
For Beginners

By Dr. Indera E. Murphy
First Edition September 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-935208-11-2
ISBN-10: 1-935208-11-X
LCCN: 2011941907

372 Pages
Price $39.95 US

Table Of Contents
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This book is for anyone that wants to learn Dashboard Design 2011 (formerly known as Xcelsius 2008) or Presentation Design 2011 (formerly known as Xcelsius Present). People that are upgrading from a previous version of the software will have a refresher of the basics and then learn about the features and options that are new in this version of Dashboard Design.

Dashboard Design is an exciting software package that is used to enhance presentations that have numerical data. With a little guidance, you will be able to create meaningful dashboards. This book contains exercises in step-by-step format, so that if you have never used Dashboard Design or Xcelsius before, you can learn how to use the software.

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2011 and Presentation Design 2011 For Beginners is part of a growing series of computer software training books that are designed to be used in a classroom setting, an online class or as a self-paced learning tool. The books contain an abundance of screen shots to help reduce the "stress" often associated with learning new software.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction To Dashboard Design 2011 and Presentation Design 2011
Chapter 2 - Quick Tour Of Dashboard Design
Chapter 3 - Exploring The Workspace
Chapter 4 - Creating Your First Dashboard
Chapter 5 - Preparing Excel Spreadsheets For Dashboards
Chapter 6 - Single Value Components
Chapter 7 - Creating Charts
Chapter 8 - Advanced Charts
Chapter 9 - Creating Menu Based Dashboards
Chapter 10 - Creating Dashboards With Alerts
Chapter 11 - Map Components
Chapter 12 - Enhancing Dashboards
Chapter 13 - Advanced Menus And Charts
Chapter 14 - Advanced Functionality
Chapter 15 - Advanced Components
Chapter 16 - Customization And Exporting Options

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